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Information about Remote and Hybrid Instruction Support

All children who have enrolled for care during the Remote and/or Hybrid Education Schedules will be doing their remote learning with MLEDP. Our center staff will be prepared to support your child’s on- line remote learning while they are in our care. During the fully remote schedule, this will be from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. During the hybrid schedule, this will be during the school hours that your child is not attending in-person instruction. 

We will ensure that the children are logged on and following the required instructions.  We will not serve as subject matter experts, but rather we will monitor and help guide the children through their remote experience.  We will help children with questions, reading the assignments correctly and direct them to their own teachers for content assistance.  We will help them check messages and communicate with the school during specific office hours.  We will facilitate a safe environment with the tools necessary for their learning..

All children will be expected to come to the center with their own device and earphones and information on how to log into their remote learning accounts.  All parents will be provided with a summary of their child’s educational experience for the day.