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All Day Program Parent Info (During Remote Learning)

If your child will be attending the All Day Program, please see the information below: 



If you haven't yet, please complete the All Day Program Contract Addendum here: https://mledp.org/parent-resources/mledp-all-day-programming-contract-addendum



The billing will be calculated by taking your weekly rate ($50 x #of days enrolled) – discounts*, multiplying that number by 9 weeks, and then dividing the total by 2. The first installment will be due by September 15 and the second will be due by October 15.

*Possible Discounts: 10% for 5 day per week, 20% for second child, 50% for third+ child.



Our first day of care will be Monday August 31st (Including Kindergarten).  We will open at 8:00 AM. We will close at 5:30 PM.

We do not have access to all 7 elementary schools, so some children will have to attend a different schoool.

Here are the Center Locations for the All Day Program. The HOME SCHOOL is listed in BOLD. The description will help you find the entrance to your center for the All Day Program. 

KINDERGARTEN: Hoover Kindergarten Care Center. Please use entrance A2. This entrance is located on Robb Hollow Rd. off of the turn around near the teacher's parking lot. 

FOSTER & HOWE: Foster School. Please use entrance number #B2 when picking up and dropping off. Please walk down the driveway on the left side of the building to access this entrance.

HOOVER & MARKHAM: Hoover School. Please use entrance number #D11 when picking up and dropping off. This is the Cafeteria Entrance, located directly across from the main office entrance.

JEFFERSONJefferson School. Please use entrance number #C23 when picking up and dropping off.  This entrance is located off of the Moffett Street parking lot.

LINCOLN: Lincoln School. Please use entrance number #C6 when picking up and dropping off (This is the regular MLEDP Lincoln Center).  

WASHINGTONLincoln School Cafeteria. Please use entrance number #C15 when picking up and dropping off. This is the Cafeteria entrance. This door can be accessed from the playground, or by using the parking lot on Ralston (past the main entrance)



Please allow a few extra minutes at drop off time, as we have to the following check in procedure to complete with each child to ensure the safety of all children and staff.

Transmission Mitigation Strategies Upon Arrival at MLEDP


  • 6 FOOT DISTANCE must be maintained from others.
  • MASKS:  Staff, Parent or Guardian and children are required to wear masks when entering the center.
  • Only ONE Parent or Guardian at a time will be permitted in the center to sign the child in and out. (Ideally this will be the same person each day) Hand sanitizer station will be at the parent station.  Staff and parent/guardian must use the hand sanitizer or wash hands upon arrival.  Children will be required to wash hands upon arrival at the center.
  • Staff wearing mask and shield will take the child’s temperature using a touch less thermometer.  The child will not be permitted to stay if the temperature reading is 100.4 or higher
  • Staff will ask the parent/guardian a series of screening questions.  If it is determined that the child has recently, or is currently displaying any symptoms, they will be asked to remain out that day and return per the Sickness policy outlined in this document.




Please Send the following items with your child each day:

  1. A laptop or tablet for them to use for remote learning
  2. A power source (charger) for your laptop or tablet
  3. Headphones or earbuds for your child to use during remote learning
  4. Your child’s Log In Information for the remote learning program.
  5. A bag or pencil box containing: Crayons, Markers, pencils, eraser, scissors, and a glue stick
  6. A face mask (Face masks should be worn all day. Mask Breaks will be scheduled into the day).
  7. A packed lunch (optional * see LUNCH section below)



The  basic daily schedule will be:

8:00 - 8:30 Check in children

8:30 - 3:30 Follow remote learning schedule- your child will need to come with their individual schedule

3:30 - 5:30 Snack, various STEAM, imaginative and active play activities

  • The staff at your center will send a more detailed calendar of activities later this week. You will receive a calendar each week listing the coming week’s schedule. That calendar will also include the contact information for your center.



Lunches will be provided by the school district’s food service. Information about payment/cost will be communicated by the school district. You can choose to get a lunch for your child or you can pack a lunch.

School Lunch: Your home school’s principal will send a survey out via e-mail each week for the upcoming lunch order. If you would like your child to eat school lunch, please complete the survey and return it according to the instructions provided on the survey. *Please be sure to mark the school that your child’s MLEDP center is in (if your center is not in your home school), to ensure that your child’s lunch goes to the right place.

See more info about school lunch here: https://www.mtlsd.org/about-us/district-news/details/~board/district-news/post/mtlsd-lunch-program-for-remote-learning

Packed Lunch: If you would prefer to pack your child’s lunch, please make sure it is marked with your child’s name.



MLEDP will provide 2 snacks per day, one mid-morning, and one mid-afternoon. The snacks will be listed on the weekly calendar that you receive via e-mail.  Water is available throughout the day.  Please do not pack a water bottle with your child