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MLEDP - Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program

Professional, Affordable, Convenient School Age Child Care | 412-343-1661

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General Info

MLEDP is a contract service and your tuition is calculated based on the submitted schedule. Tuition is billed on a pre-care basis. Tuition payments are due on the1st day of each month.

There is a 20% discount for the second child, and a 50% for the third child and each sibling thereafter.

The discount is calculated on the lowest tuition.

Credits Not Given

  • Credits are not given for absences, illnesses, vacations, announced school closings, or closings due to weather, water, or emergency situations.

Late Fees

  • Late Fees for Late pick-ups and Late Payments are invoiced in the next billing cycle.

Tuition Fees

  • Tuition Fees for Long Days or Extra Care Days are invoiced as they occur
  • Tuition payments will not be accepted at the centers
  • All payments are processed at the administrative office

We do not automatically mail Account Statements for Tax Purposes.

You must request an Account Statement.

Contact the Billing Office:
412-343-1661 Ext. 111

The MLEDP weekly enrollment minimum has changed as of July 1, 2014

Children may be enrolled for morning and/or afternoon sessions that meet the weekly minimums.

A minimum of two mornings of weekly scheduled care is required for morning enrollment.

A minimum of three afternoons of weekly scheduled care is required for afternoon enrollment.

Tuition payments are made in 9 installments. The calculation is: weekly tuition multiplied by the number of weeks of care in the school year divided by 9 months. Each installment billing will be the same unless additional days of care are added or Long Day care is used.

Schedule changes within a scheduled week are not charged, however changes made in that week resulting in additional care are charged. Unused days are not credited.

If your child has a part-time schedule, a parent may request a substitution of another session within the week (morning for morning or afternoon for afternoon) without a tuition charge.

Two weeks written notice is required for schedule changes or withdrawal from the Kindergarten and School Year programs.

Tuition is calculated and pre-paid using the specific schedule of days submitted on the contract. Invoices are mailed 3 times during the summer for June, July, and August schedules.

Changes in the child care schedule may be made until May 15 without charge. After May 15 there is a fee for changing the schedule - see page 4 of the Registration Schedule Payment Agreement (RSPA).

Schedule changes within a scheduled calendar week are not charged, however, changes made in that calendar week resulting in additional care are charged. Unused days are not credited.

If your child has a part-time schedule a parent may request a substitution of another session with the calendar week without a tuition charge. Unused days are not credited.

15 Days Past Due: clients will be contacted by phone or letter.

30 Days Past Due: clients will be contacted by the executive director and notified that care will terminate once their account is 31 days past due. Late payment fees apply.

For re-enrollment of the client's child who had care terminated, the client will be required to pay all past due amounts and late payment fees, prepay tuition equal to 3 month enrollment and pay the standard registration fee.

MLEDP reserves the right to take any and all action legal and otherwise, deemed necessary and desirable for the collection of unpaid account balances past due. Such action may include reporting the client to a credit-reporting agency.

Scheduled district-wide in-service days are billable.

No Tuition Credits are Given for absences on Long Days.

Child Care is provided on individual school Act 80 days and Early Dismissal days at no additional charge.

It is the policy of MLEDP to comply with any and all orders of the Court of Common Please, Family Division regarding any court-approved child custody arrangement.

Each custodial parent must file a copy of any applicable court order with the Executive Director of MLEDP within thirty (30) days of receipt of that order.

In the event a court order conflicts with our minimum attendance policy, the Executive Director or Executive Board will reconcile any differences.

Adobe Reader LogoComplete Minimum Attendance Custody Policy

Any parents requesting separate tuition billing will be processed as 2 different enrollments, with separate tuition fees and separate registration fees.

Billing and payment information will only be released to the parent/guardian signing the Registration Schedule Payment Agreement (RSPA).

Information about the account will not be provided to another person without written permission from the person who holds the account with MLEDP.

Adobe Reader LogoComplete Minimum Attendance Custody Policy

Our centers follow standard procedures, to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for your child.

MLEDP sites meet or exceeds the adult to child ratios set by the DHS regulations for day care licensing

The regulations state a 1 to 12 adult to child ratio for young school-age children: K through 3rd grade

A 1 to 15 adult to child ratio for older school-age children: grades 4 and 5.

For special activities and field trips, a lower ratio is maintained.

In general, staff members will give redirection to a child when a child does not want to participate in an activity or challenges other children when speaking or playing.

Working on the development of self-discipline, decision-making skills and responsibility for your own actions will be the manner in which the staff will attempt to resolve inappropriate behaviors in a group.

Any behavior, which may put a child’s safety at risk or the safety of other children at risk, will be investigated and could be cause for dismissal from the program.

Continuing instances of children choosing to make inappropriate choices may result in parent conferences or cessation of childcare.

Safety and consideration for the well being of the entire group will be the guiding consideration.

If your child is expected to arrive after school at one of our centers and the child does not arrive within 5 minutes of school dismissal, and the center was not notified of a schedule change for the day, you will be contacted.

If no communication is made with you within 15 minutes the police will be called to assist in finding your child.

WE MUST HAVE A PHONE NUMBER ON FILE, where you can be reached during MLEDP operating hours.

Failure To Call Off Fee:
If your child is scheduled for afternoon care and is absent without calling to inform the center, then you will be charged a $25.00 Failure To Call Off Fee.

Call your center. Voice Mail is available 24/7.

Parents must notify the center of a change or absence by:

  • Voice Mail
  • eMail
  • Written on the Parent Notes log at the center

If you are unable to pick up your child by 6:30 PM, you must contact the center to inform them as to the identity of the person picking up your child. Make sure they have a Photo ID and the Password.

If your child has not been picked-up by 6:30 PM we will call you. If no communication is made with you 6:45 PM, the emergency contact you provided will be contacted for pick up. Should the center not be able to reach you or an emergency contact, the police will be called to assist with locating you.

Child Care cannot be provided after 6:30 p.m. Parents who are consistently late will be asked to make arrangements to have another person pick up their child everyday or they will be asked to leave the program.

Children are not allowed to leave the center on their own.

With advanced notice, an adult who has your permission to pick-up your child may sign out your child. ID will be requested.

Children are not allowed to make their own arrangements to leave the center.

At the Parent Center, you will find 2 things:

  • The Attendance Sheet
  • The Parent's Note Log

Attendance Sheet is your Sign-in and Sign-out log. Your child must be Signed-In and Signed-Out of the center every time. Only an adult may Sign-In or Sign-Out your child.

An adult is defined by DHS as 18 years of age or older

The Parent's Note Log is to notify us as to any changes in your child's schedule.

  • Please use the designated parking areas
  • Turn off your car
  • Do not leave children unattended in your car when you are dropping off or picking up your child

In case of minor illness or injury, a member of the staff will attend to your child's needs.

In the case of a serious injury or a illness, only first aid treatment will be given by the staff, 911 will be contacted, and the parents will be notified.

Remember, an emergency contact number where parents can be reached must be on file at the center.

A monthly fire drill is conducted at each site. Sites have both internal and external evacuation locations

Parents are notified if the children are moved to one of the designated community evacuation sites:

Refer to the Emergency Plan Information panel on the home page.

Providing for the fun and well-being of the children is the primary goal of your child's center.

All the programs follow a programming model called ACE: Active, Calm, Eating. Children make choices for the activities they will do.

A nutritious snack is available, frequently made by the children. Homework assistance is available. Time is allotted for active play, quiet time, creative play and socializing with friends.

Children will be asked to follow the ID Tag System at their center, to put away things with which they have played, to wash their hands before snack, and to clean up after themselves following snack.

Appropriate clothing, including shoes, is needed for active play inside and outside. Limited space at sites does not permit storage of clothing.

Children without appropriate clothing for the weather outside or for activities on the playground or in the gym may be asked to forego the activity for their own safety.

Children will follow the school-community rules while on the playground.

Some playground equipment may not be available for use while at the extended day program, due to DHS regulations for childcare licensing, which may differ from Department of Education regulations.

We must have an accurate and up to date telephone number in case of emergency.

Notify MLEDP immediately if you change your telephone number or address, or if the telephone number or address for your emergency contacts change.

Staff members must be able to reach someone during MLEDP hours of operation for safety reasons.

Please do not send special toys, or other favorite items with your child. MLEDP will attempt to locate lost items but is not responsible for lost items, including cell phones, electronic toys or gadgets.

Children are responsible for storing their belongings in the designated location at the center. Whenever possible, please put your child’s name on jackets, backpacks, lunches and other personal items.

Lost and Found: All found items will be held for 15 days.

The snack menu is provided ahead of time to parents.
Menu planning takes into account: allergies, dietary needs, and nutrition.

Important: Parents need to inform the staff of any food allergies their child might have.

For your child's safety, parents must make staff members aware of any allergies: food, asthma, bee stings, etc.

This information is required to be filled out on the Parent Consent-Emergency Contact Form. It also doesn't hurt to tell your Center Director.

Medications provided to the center for your child, must be kept up-to-date or they can not be administered.

Parents will need to make alternative care arrangements if your child has any of the following conditions:

  • Head Lice
  • Draining Sores or an Undiagnosed Rash
  • Eye Discharge or Pink Eye
  • A Fever of 100 Degrees or Higher

Transportation is provided only for the Kindergarten Care Program and field trips during the school year and summer program. A Pennsylvania Certified School Bus driver drives the MLEDP School Bus.

The school bus undergoes two Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle inspections annually, and one Pennsylvania State Police School Bus inspection annually.

The MLEDP School Bus contains seat belts and MLEDP requires the children to wear them, although the State of PA does not require the wearing of seat belts in school buses.

The possession or use of any weapon or a look alike weapon will incur suspension or expulsion and notification of police.

Any object used as weapon will incur suspension or expulsion and notification of police.

DHS Regulations PA Code Chapter 3270 Child Day Care Centers: Excerpts

All sites have an annual licensing inspection to maintain their Certificate of Compliance. MLEDP is required to meet all regulations for school age programs.

Please Read Entire Overview:

Safety and supervision of children are the primary responsibilities of a child care center.

Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program is a licensed child care provider, inspected annually by the Department of Human Services, and MLEDP is required to meet the School Age Child Care Regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Chapter 3270: Child Day Care Centers.

Though our centers are in schools, the schools follow different regulations, those of the Department of Education, which in some instances are not the same as the DHS School Age Child Care Center Regulations.

Child Health Assessment §3270.131

The center shall require the parent of an enrolled child, including a child, foster child and relative of a facility person to provide an initial health report no later than 60 days following the first day of attendance at the facility.

Note: MLEDP will suspend care if the Child Health Assessment is not submitted. School age children only need to provide a health assessment upon their first enrollment and again should any health conditions change while enrolled.

Homework Assistance §3270.116

School Age Children

When a facility serves school age children, homework supervision shall be provided in accordance with arrangements determined by the parent and staff.

Child Abuse Reporting §3270.19

An operation or a staff person who has reason to believe that a child enrolled in the facility has been abused is required to report suspected child abuse to ChildLine (1-800-932-0313) as a mandated reporter.

Release of Children §3270.117

A child shall only be released to the child’s parent or to an individual designated in writing by the enrolling parent. A child shall be released to either parent unless a court order on file at the facility states otherwise.

In an emergency, a child may be released to an individual upon the oral designation of the parent, if the identity of the individual can be verified by a staff person.

The following  information shall be logged in the child’s record:

  • The name of the parent making the request
  • The date and time of the request
  • The name of the individual to whom the child is to be released
  • The name of the staff person making the call
  • The name of the staff person releasing the child

Child Medication and Special Diets  §3270.133
When medication or special diets are administered, the following requirements apply:

A prescription or non-prescription medication may be accepted only in an original container. The medication must remain in the container in which it was received.

A staff person shall administer a prescription medication only if written instructions are provided from the individual who prescribed the medicine. Instructions for administration contained on a prescription label are acceptable.

The label of a medication container must identify the name of the medication and the name of the child for whom the medication is intended. Medication shall be administered to only the child whose name appears on the container.

Medication shall be stored in a locked area of the facility or in an area that is out of the reach of children.

Medication shall be stored in accordance with the manufacturer or health professional's instructions on the original label.

A parent shall provide written consent for administration.

A Medication Log will be maintained:

  • Containing the name of the medication
  • The name of the child receiving the medication
  • Storage requirements (refrigeration)
  • The amount of medication administered
  • The date of administration
  • The time of administration
  • The initials of the staff person who administered the medication
  • Special notes related to problems of administration

Children with Symptoms of Disease §3770.137

A child care staff member who observes an enrolled child with symptoms of a communicable disease or infection that can be transmitted directly or indirectly and which may threaten the health of children in care shall exclude the child from attendance until  notification from a physician or CRNP is received that the child is no longer considered a threat to the health of others.